Another Recent Mayo Acquisition

This older Mayo mask was collected by Edmond Faubert sometime in the 1970s from an undocumented location. It is traditionally carved but eccentrically painted. I have seen one other Mayo mask with such paint and that one was also found by Faubert, in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.

Edmond sold this mask to a Santa Fe Indian Arts dealer in the late 70s, and it eventually came into the hands of Tom Kolaz. Recently he sold it to me.

The patina on this turquoise paint is terrific

I suppose that this is an “Apache” style mask, with imitation warpaint.

There is a painted cross on the forehead.

There is no evidence of a chin cross, but the area under the chin is darkly stained.

This mask is 7 inches tall, 5½ inches wide, and 2½ inches deep.

The back demonstrates at least moderate staining from use.

Next week you will see an unusual mask with a female face.

Bryan Stevens

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