Crisencio Molina Maldonado Children’s Masks

Today we will look at seven masks by Crisencio Molina Maldonado that were carved in a small size that would be appropriate for children. The backs of these masks are unremarkable, and by now you have seen many examples of Crisencio’s manner of carving the backs, so I omitted photos of the backs of these children’s masks.The first, which was collected from the carver in 2004, portrays a parrot.


There is no forehead cross.


Isn’t this a charming mask.


This mask is 7 inches tall, 5 inches wide, and 3½ inches deep.


This is a small mask with a full set of hair.

The second of these these, which was said to represent a parrot, looks more like a crow. It was collected from the carver in 2006


This rim design is extremely typical for Potam, where Crisencio lives, but we have only occasionally seen it on his masks.


There is no forehead cross.


This mask is 6¾ inches tall, 4¾ inches wide, and  3½ inches deep.


This mask has a droll reigned expression.

Here is a particularly small Parrot Pascola mask that was also collected from the carver in 2006.


The ears are very carefully carved, which would not have been an easy feat.


This purple color is particularly vivid.


This mask is 6½ inches tall, 4½ inches wide, and  2½ inches deep.


It has speckled paint.

The next two of these masks were danced by children in 2007 at the Barrio Libre ceremonial grounds that are associated with the Capilla de San Martin (the Chapel of San Martin de Porres). These performances were evidently brief, and the backs show absolutely no staining from use. The first was danced by Crisencio’s Grandson.


This very carefully carved mask is undeniably cute.


This one, which is painted dark purple, does have a forehead cross.


This mask is 6½ inches tall, 4¾ inches wide, and 2¾ inches deep.


There is no chin cross though.

The second of this pair, purchased from Crisencio with the other one, may have also been briefly danced by Crisencio’s grandson. This one represents a chicken.


Like the other full sized chickens, this one has no space for a cross, and there is none.


Crisencio’s chickens and parrots have similar beaks.


This mask is 7½ inches tall, 4½ inches wide, and  3½ inches deep.


The painted wattles limited Crisencio’s scope when it came time to add the hair tufts.

I don’t know when the last two two of these children’s masks, a brown stained Human Faced mask and a Dog, were collected. Both closely resemble full sized masks that appeared in earlier posts. Here is the Human Faced mask.


This mask has both forehead and chin crosses.


This mask too is very carefully carved.


This mask is 7 inches tall, 4¼ inches wide, and  2½ inches deep.


A little hot pink paint is a welcome contrast to the stained finish.

Here is the child’s Dog mask.


Just look how nicely carved is this mask, particularly the tongue.


There is a forehead cross but no chin cross.


This mask is 6½ inches tall, 4½ inches wide, and  3½ inches deep.


This concludes the set of children’s masks.

Next week I will finish my review of Crisencio’s masks by showing some even more unusual subjects.

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